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WizPro200ST8 Programmer
Product Category : ST PROGRAMMER

Product Details:

Support Chips:

l  STM8Axx,STM8Sxx,STM8Lxx and STM32xx serials MCU

l  New chips support comes from ST (Future Upgraded).


l  USB communication interface;

l  On-Line and Off-Line Programming, Support Socket, On-board and In-System programming;

l  Support Serial No. function, 4 or 8 Bytes could be used or could be customer defined. The position in flash memory of S/N could be user defined by PC application;

l  Support Programmable Number control, i.e., user can set the maximum number of this programming, once the counter number is arrived, the programmer will be stopped and could not be programmed again, unless new number is set or this function is disabled by PC application. This is very useful for solution provider;

l  Auto-Chip detection, the programmer could automatically detect the chip connection and start the programming without pressing the programming key;

l  On-Line firmware upgrade to support new chips.


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